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iMithila: Madhubani Designer Brand That Is A Little Piece Of Heaven For Art Lovers!

iMithila: Madhubani Designer Brand That Is A Little Piece Of Heaven For Art Lovers!

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Hey Guys,

Are you a Madhubani Painting lover?

Do you like buying those beautiful hand painted pieces to decorate your lovely home?

If you have been following me for a while, you might know that I love painting. I just love the art where one person just uses colors to express themselves. I usually love all types of paintings and have been a long time admirer of Madhubani paintings. So, just while browsing the internet I was looking for a good Madhubani painting to decorate my Lil home, that’s when I landed on iMithila!

About The Brand-iMithila

iMithila is basically an e-commerce website started by Ruchi Jha with her mother-in-law. This daughter-in-law and mother-in-law duo actually helps the local artists earn with their talent. At iMithila you will find a lot of amazing things hand painted with Madhubani. The best part is all of the items at iMithila are 100% original and hand painted. 

What is a Madhubani Painting?

If you are not that familiar with Madhubani paintings then let me walk you through it. Madhubani painting is the oldest forms of painting or art on earth which has its existence that dates back to the era of Ramayana. At the time of the marriage of Ram and Seeta, King Janak asked his kingdom to be painted and decorated by beautiful artists. These depictions later took the art form that is now being called Madhubani paintings.

Why iMithila?

Ruchi Jha actually started iMithila where the art took a modern turn. Instead of just painting on the panel, these artists paint on different and unique objects. Here you will find all the different variety of home decor objects and apparels. Each product is hand painted and you get the highest quality product. Despite each product being hand painted, it is very reasonably priced.

The website is extremely user-friendly and has the option of free shipping as well as worldwide shipping. Within India, you get free shipping for orders above Rs.2000.

The Beautiful iMthila Collection

Home Decor

imithila madhubani designer brand reviewimithila madhubani designer brand review

In the home decor section, they have some absolutely stunning and gorgeously painted pieces. You will find hand painted kettles, coasters, cushion covers and serving trays. Serving trays are absolutely classy. Imagine, you serving your guests with this gorgeous tray and this beautiful kettle, how fabulous first impression would you leave! The kettles would even make a perfect showpiece and would add a beautiful elegance and charm of its own to the place.

You can check out their beautiful home decor section here.

imithila madhubani designer brand review

imithila madhubani designer brand reviewBags

This has to be my favourite collection from this store. I am a hand bag hoarder. I have all the types of hand bags just this one type was missing and I definitely am adding the hand painted one to my collection. These bags go very well with your Indian as well as western outfits and compliments each look. A must have product if you ask me.

You can check out their beautiful bags section here.

imithila madhubani designer brand reviewApparels

I have worn a lot of hand work or hand stitched apparels but never had I owned the beauties that are hand painted. They have a beautiful collection of sarees as well as stoles. I am definitely sure that these stoles are enough to add that beautiful contemporary look to any of your outfits. You can check the collection here.imithila madhubani designer brand reviewimithila madhubani designer brand review

What More Can You Expect From iMthila In The Near Future?

They are about to add Madhubani painted western wear to the collection and I am keeping my fingers crossed to see how and when these beauties arrive.

Where To Buy These Madhubani Painted Things Online?

All these beauties are currently available only on their official website.

Hope you love this unique e-commerce site as much as I do. If you are an art lover, I am sure you will love it. Do visit and let me know in our Facebook group or Instagram which one is your favourite item from their store.

See you soon with a lot of tips, home remedies and solutions to your queries.

Have a lovely day!


Sunday 5th of May 2019

I love madhubani paintings. I am gonna check it out