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Hibiscus Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Hibiscus Hair Oil For Hair Growth

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I am really excited to share a tutorial which is my personal favorite home remedy for hair growth and covering grey hair naturally aka detailed instructions on how to make hibiscus hair oil at home?

I have been a regular user of hibiscus hair oil since childhood. I still remember my Mom used to make it every Saturday with fresh batch of hibiscus flowers. And she would make me and my sister sit and do our champi.

We used to hate that.

But looking at the benefits of hibiscus hair oil, I am just grateful to my mom for all her efforts. This hibiscus hair oil has been in my family for generations and we love it.

Hope you benefit from it too.

Benefits Of Hibiscus Hair Oil

diy hibiscus hair oil for hair growth

  • Helps in covering grey hair
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Combats hair loss
  • Makes hair stronger & shinier
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Adds bounce to the hair
  • Makes hair more smooth.

How To Make Hibiscus Hair Oil at Home?

Without any delay here I present you with the best remedy to treat all your hair problems:

Things you will need

Method For Making Hibiscus Hair Oil

Take hibiscus flowers and separate the petals. Wash them very gently and air dry them for couple of minutes.

Take a bowl and add coconut oil and almond oil. Now heat it a bit using double boiler or indirect heat method.

Add the warm oil to the hibiscus petals and keep it aside.

Let this oil rest for minimum 3 to 4 hours (preferably overnight) until the flower petals becomes transparent. Try to keep this oil in sunlight for better results.

For keeping any oil in sunlight, always place a wooden log or even a small wooden piece. This would keep the nutrients intact and also enhance them.

 After the petals become transparent, strain it with a muslin cloth so that no tiny petal particles remain. Otherwise these particles just stick to your hair and you might spend a lot of time trying to remove it. Like you would struggle to remove banana from hair after using a banana hair mask.

Pat your shoulder because you made a really wonderful hibiscus hair oil which your hair will fall in love with.

The best part of the oil is that it makes your hair smell good.

Use this hair oil within 2 weeks. You can store this hibiscus hair oil in a mason jar away from direct sunlight.


  • Apply the hibiscus hair oil by parting smaller sections and slowly do scalp massage with your finger tips.
  • Keep the oil on your hair overnight if you are using it to cover premature grey hair and if faster hair growth is your main aim behind using this hibiscus hair oil, keeping it for 30 minutes and then steaming your hair twice a week is good enough.
  • Another quick tip is add rosemary essential oil to it if you have severe hair fall, add tea tree oil if you are struggling with dandruff and lavender oil if you have to induce faster hair growth. But just add two drops to it after you warm it up.
  • This is a good penetrating hair oil and it will thus help make your hair more nourished and hydrated from within.
  • You can also add aloe vera for soft hair, fenugreek oil or fenugreek seeds or curry leaves for hair fall control, or blackseed oil for grey hair or neem leaves or neem oil for dandruff control.
  • You can add different oils to it and experiment with different hair oils according to your hair type.

Why This Homemade Hibiscus Hair Oil Works?

This oil would work because we have used all the natural ingredients in its purest form. It has:

  • Coconut oil which is an excellent ingredient to add instant moisture to your hair and induce faster hair growth,
  • Almond oil which deeply nourishes the roots and promotes healthier hair,
  • Hibiscus flowers that has the ability to add beautiful tint to your grey hair, adds shine and new life to your hair.
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So when you use this hibiscus hair oil regularly, you will notice that your hair grows faster, has a beautiful shine, appears smooth and become darker. This ayurvedic oil is actually one such recipe that will cover your grey hair naturally over time.

Hope you liked this recipe of hibiscus hair oil. Let me know if you give it a try.

Best Hibiscus Hair Oils In The Market

If DIYing your own ayurvedic hibiscus hair oil at home isn’t your cup of tea, there are lot of brands in the market, that sell hibiscus oil in its purest form. I picked up some for you to try them out:

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diy hibiscus hair oil

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Thursday 2nd of April 2020

Hi, what do you mean when you suggest using wooden log or piece when the infused oil is placed in sunlight? Do you place it in the oil?

Catherine Robinson

Thursday 5th of December 2019

Can the oil remain in the hair for faily use. For african american hair? Can tea bags be used


Monday 5th of August 2019

really hibuscus is a natural source of vetamin which help your hair roots


Thursday 4th of April 2019

Where do you place the wooden block? Do you put the block in the oil? How many fresh flowers should be added to half liter oil? Can we add dried hibiscus flower powder instead? Does this help in achieving thick hair growth? Please reply. I would love to make this one.


Monday 1st of April 2019

I heard hibiscus oil helps to darken grey hair. Is it really true?

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