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Can You Really Grow 2 Inches Of Hair In A Month? Exclusive Tips That Might Help

Can You Really Grow 2 Inches Of Hair In A Month? Exclusive Tips That Might Help

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Can you really grow 2 inches of hair in a month? What does 2 inches of hair look like? 

These queries often land in my inbox ever since I shared my hair growth journey with before and after pictures.

If you too are looking for not a quick fix but for some effort that will reward you with 2 inches of hair length then you need to be consistent with these hair growth methods and monthly hair care routine that I am about to share here.

This is exactly what helps me achieve faster hair growth along with thicker healthier hair. So without further ado, let me share how you can grow 2 inches of hair in just a month.

Let’s discuss this.

What Does 2 Inches Of Hair Look Like?

2 inches is equal to 5.08 cm of hair length. 

what does two inches of hair look like


Usually, Asian hair grows the fastest. I know I have the unfair advantage of having been blessed by genes that naturally support faster hair growth. But after learning and consistently incorporating a few ayurvedic methods and the right set of hair products, I have been able to double my hair growth.

So, with an open mind, just incorporate these hair growth tips in your life consistently and it will definitely reward you with 2 inches of hair length.

How To Grow 2 Inches Of Hair? Monthly Hair Care Routine

It takes a lot of effort, patience, and following a monthly hair care routine religiously. If I were in your place who wants to grow two inches of hair in a month, then this is the exact routine that I would follow. I have followed it exactly with some minor changes here are there.

And I have compiled a list of steps that worked for me to grow my hair faster. I can vouch for it that these worked well for me and I sincerely hope you benefit from them too. And when you’ve successfully grown two inches of hair in a month following this monthly hair care routine don’t forget to share your beautiful pictures with me.

Nothing would make me happier. So without further ado, let me share exclusive tips on how to grow two inches of hair in a month:

Measure Your Hair Length Before And After

This is a crucial step to notice the fruitful rewards of your hard work in action. After all, without before and after pictures it gets troublesome to notice the exact difference in hair length.

  • So start by detangling your hair well.
  • If you are okay with it, then straighten your hair using a good flat iron. This is an optional step but it does help to identify your exact hair length. Just make sure you use a good heat protectant beforehand.
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  • Now ask a loved one for clicking a picture from behind. A great idea is to take a measuring tape and measure your exact hair length in inches and write it down.
  • After following the monthly hair care routine that we are about to discuss below, follow these steps again and you will definitely notice a good increase in inches while you would measure the length of your pretty manes.

Don’t forget to tag me in before and after pictures.

Identify your hair type and texture

The next step that I am going to ask you to do is to identify your hair type and texture. This is important because every hair type and texture needs a special hair care routine accustomed to it.

And when you successfully identify your hair type and texture, it will give you an upper hand in finding the right hair products that are meant specifically to treat and pamper your hair.

Use the right products meant for your hair and scalp needs

To achieve healthy and faster hair growth you need to know the needs of your hair and scalp well and adhere to them. If you simply opt for a hair mask for dry hair just because a friend recommended it but you belong to oily hair family then it wouldn’t benefit you. Instead, it will hamper your hair health in the long run.

Use products that are meant specifically for your hair type. These guides will help you find your ideal hair products:

Don’t Ignore Scalp Health If You Want 2 Inches Of Hair Growth

Your scalp health is as important as your hair health. If your foundation is compromised your hair won’t grow faster or rather it won’t grow at all.

To take good care of your scalp:

  • Start by identifying if you have a dry scalp or oily scalp and pick your hair products and change your monthly hair care routine accordingly.
  • Then notice if your scalp is getting itchy or flaky or if you have a sensitive scalp that breaks out easily. Then tackle this firsthand. If your scalp is healthy it will reward you with a healthy production of natural oils which is beneficial to your hair health.

Start With A Good Clarifying Shampoo

Another thing to keep in mind is if you have been using too many hair products that contain silicones, parabens or other such ingredients which may lead to a product build-up on your scalp. Then no matter how good quality products you use or how religiously you follow your monthly hair care routine your hair simply won’t grow two inches in a month.

To tackle this you need to use a good clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up or do a regular hair detox once a month.

You can also do an ACV rinse every time you wash your hair to prevent product build-up. It will also help you maintain the natural pH of your scalp.

Do Indian Hair Oiling Treatment

If you have never oiled your hair in life then you might find it messy. But trust me on this, that Indian hair oiling routine works. It rewards you like no other hair product or hair treatment ever will.

If you will come to me with any hair problem, there is a good chance that I might recommend you a good hair oil to tackle it.

To follow this step, you need to opt for hair oils

Whichever you opt for, make sure you go for a good quality cold-pressed hair oil, warm it up a bit using the indirect heat method to enhance its nutrients, and apply it well on your hair length as well as your scalp.

It’s a good idea to leave it on for at least half an hour but you can keep it overnight too. However, if you have sensitive skin or an oily t-zone don’t keep it overnight.

Little Steam Does Help A lot

After you have oiled your hair well, it’s time to pamper it with some steam. Why you ask? It’s because when you give your oiled hair some steam, it helps to stimulate better blood flow on your scalp and the oil penetrates better into hair shafts which in turn makes the hair oiling treatment double rewarding.

This in turn helps to grow two inches of hair in a month.

This is exactly what you get when you go to salons for good hair treatment. They will apply a good hair mask and then use some steam to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

To pamper your hair with some steam, I recommend using a good thermal cap for good 10 minutes. These are extremely cheap but they do work well.

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Use The Right Shampoo

After steaming it’s time to wash your hair with the right shampoo for your hair type.

No matter what your hair needs, there is shampoo in the market for it. Use the shampoo that is meant exclusively for your hair type and problem and you are sorted.

Conditioning is must

No matter your hair type, please don’t ditch your hair conditioner. Even if you have the silkiest hair or hair that gets greasy in a day, please don’t skip it. If you are willing to grow two inches of hair in a month then you you need to make hair conditioner a good part of your routine.

Just make sure you use a good silicone-free conditioner that contains natural oils like argan oil or jojoba oil this will work best. 

Make Hair Rinses An Integral Part Of Your Life

If hair rinses are still an alien concept for you then you might still be living under a rock. But if you are not sure of the concept let me share in brief.

To use hair rinses means we will be making a decoction by infusing a few herbs into water and pouring this water onto our hair after we are done with shampoo and conditioner. We will leave this hair rinse on our hair and scalp for 5 minutes and then we will be washing hair with just water.

To grow two inches of hair in a month, try any of these hair rinses:

Ditch Hair Serums For Argan Oil

This really simple alteration has been a game-changer for me. I replaced my hair serums with good cold-pressed argan oil. This helps prevent build-up while doing exactly what a regular hair serum does.

Try it, you will love it for sure.

Do Monthly Protein Treatments

Since we are looking for ways to trigger two inches of hair growth in a month, we cannot skip protein treatments. Our hair grows faster when we give it some protein love.

To do a protein treatment simply use a good protein hair mask once every fifteen days. My favorite protein masks are:

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Deep Condition twice a month

Deep conditioning treatments help you enhance your hair health immensely. I never skip my deep conditioning treatment. And it has rewarded me well.

That is why you will find countless DIYs on my blog that I have perfected over time with a lot of trials and errors but in case homemade hair masks aren’t your thing then I will make sure to include good ready-to-use deep conditioning hair masks that work well too.

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Use any of these hair masks and use them for 20 minutes once every two weeks and you are sorted.

Do Hair Spa Once A Month

This is an optional step but we all know how well hair spa treatments work. You can always use good hair spa kits available on the market or you can just follow the step-by-step instructions on homemade spa treatments.

These hair spa treatments will overtime prove your hair and scalp health. And reward you with faster hair growth.

Switch To Wooden Combs

Benefits of wooden comb

You might think, now I am just adding points for the sake of it but no.

Wooden combs help you combat scalp infections and distribute excess natural oils from your scalp to your hair lengths which are necessary for healthier and faster hair growth.

Switching from a regular plastic comb to a wooden comb is a really good step that you might find insignificant but trust me it benefits you in the long run.

Protect Your Hair From Hair Water, Sun, Dust, And Pollution

Apart from choosing the right hair products and following a religious monthly hair care routine, to grow your hair two inches in a month, you need to protect it from the harmful effects of hard water, harsh UV rays, dust, and pollution.

Protecting your hair from further damage is a crucial step and here is how you can do it the right way:

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Routine As Per Climatic Needs

Another thing to keep in mind is that when the weather changes you need to alter your monthly hair care routine accordingly. Because no matter how much we hate our scalp and hair get affected by sudden changes in the weather. You might suddenly start experiencing severe hair loss and start losing more than 100 hair strands a day or you might have to deal with more flakes on your scalp or something else.

That is why making necessary changes as per the weather is mandatory. And here is how to do it:

Eat Raw Tomatoes And Onions Along With Proteins

I know this might seem a bit odd to you but eating tomatoes and onions do help to trigger hair growth and control hair loss. If you want to grow two inches of hair in a month, you need to include raw tomatoes, onions, and lots of veggies in your daily diet. A good idea is to include eggs, fish, legumes, and pulses too.

I personally make a salad using tomatoes, onions, and some leafy veggies and consume it daily.

Practics Balayam and Meditation to Relief stress

Balayam and Meditation for hair growth work extremely well. This is a long Indian hair secret that I inherited growing up.

This is because leading a stress-free life has a direct correlation with your hair health and faster hair growth. I also practice nail rubbing for hair growth. It is a practice since ancient times in which you simply rub the nails of both your hands together which in turn creates friction and stimulates direct blood flow to your scalp promoting faster hair growth.

It is also claimed that the nail rubbing technique helps to darken hair color over time. But the jury is still out on that. But I feel rubbing your fingernails and practicing meditation takes just a couple of minutes of your time. It has no harm so why not incorporate it?

Over To You

Can you really grow two inches of hair in a month? Yes, it’s absolutely possible. But there is absolutely no guarantee. However, I have tried my best to share hair growth hacks which I learnt over the years along with which you need a lot of patience, hard work, and consistency along. 

Hope you found this in-depth monthly hair care routine useful. This will surely help you grow 2 inches of hair and when you do, don’t forget to tag me on my Instagram, I would love to give you a shoutout and a backlink to your blog if you are a blogger.

Have a lovely day.

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