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Shangpree Spa & Eye Mask Review: Try Korean Beauty Treatments At Home

Shangpree Spa & Eye Mask Review: Try Korean Beauty Treatments At Home

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With Korean skin care taking over the world by a storm, Shangpree spa treatments are creating a buzz of its own. Its a Seoul based salon that offers wide range of spa and beauty treatments that are now available globally for you to try out. 

I couldn’t resist trying Shangpree spa products and today sharing my two cents on how their products faired and are Shangpree products as good as everyone claims?

About Shangpree Spa

Shangpree Spa was created in 1990. They have more than 3 decades of experience in the niche and have won exporter awards by the Korean government. So you can know how popular their products are across globe. 

What I Tried From Shangpree

I was really intrigued by Shangpree’s gold beauty treatment range and got my hands on:

  • Shangpree Spa Gold Premium Modeling Mask
  • Shangpree Eye Mask
  • Shangpree Ampoule
  • Shangpree Intensive Hydro Cream

My Shangpree Haul and Shopping Experience

I ordered my products from their official website.  The website is quite simple and very user-friendly. Whether you are looking to buy products or looking to book an appointment at their spa, you can do everything on their website itself in just a matter of few clicks.

A major downside I noticed was lack of search feature which makes it difficult in case you are looking for a particular product. And the website loads slowly. 

After placing my order, the products reached me in around 3 weeks and I didn’t have to pay any customs. YAY! The products were packed really beautifully and as you can see in the pictures there wasn’t even a single scratch on my products. I had a very pleasant experience with Shangpree spa.

Shangpree Spa Care System Gold Premium Modeling Mask Review

shangpree rubber mask

This Shangpree rubber mask facial was the one that I was most excited about. This was my first time trying a rubber mask.

What is facial rubber mask or modeling mask?

Rubber masks are thick layer of the mixture that when applied evenly onto your skin helps better absorption of nutrients in the mask for better glow. 

Why Facial Rubber Mask or modeling mask work?

Rubber masks work as a very thick layered mask that makes sure that no amount of product gets wasted and all the moisture or collagen gets absorbed well into the skin. Hence, they work very well and are one of the expensive spa treatments if you get them done at a good salon.

How to Use?

 Mix Gold Gel and Active Collagen Powder together. Spread evenly over the face and neck with a spatula. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Peel it off gently in one piece.

My Experience With Rubber Mask

I got beautiful golden colored plastic bowl and spatula with this mask. You get two different sachets. One contains gold gel and second contains active collagen powder. I mixed these together and as I started applying, it started drying up. I had to rush and apply. I applied thick layer quickly and let it stay on for around 20 minutes. The sachets are so big that each time I and mom applied it all over my face and neck yet some of it still remained.

After 20 minutes, I thought it would hurt my skin to peel if off. Usually, peel off masks hurt your skin a bit, don’t they? But to my surprise, this one was so gently. It came out so softly and my skin appeared fresh and had a golden glow.

Eye Mask Review

shangpree eye mask

How to Use?

Cleanse and tone your skin. Take out the masks with the enclosed spatula and place it on the areas you desire. Leave for about 20-30 minutes. Remove the mask and no need to rinse.


My Experience Using Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask

I washed my face and applied the cute little mask under my eyelids. The mask sits perfectly and is a bit sticky. Even after 30 minutes it was barely dried. But I took them off and slept overnight without rinsing it off.

The next morning as I woke up, my eyes didn’t appear as tired as they usually did.  I have been using it for more than two months and I can see a good improvement. The dark circles haven’t bid me permanent good bye yet but are fading with each passing day. 

Gold Premium Ampoule Review

shangpree ampoule review

Ampoules are one of the most amazing things ever introduced to the world by Koreans. 

What Is Ampoule?

The ampoule is a highly concentrated active ingredients filled liquid or serum. They usually come in glass bottles and they are used mostly when your skin needs that extra boost. You need to use them for a particular time frame for better results.

It is like a bakuchiol serum or vitamin C serum but its more concentrated version of it. So be cautious while you use them.

How To Use?

After cleansing and toning, apply generously over the face. Gently massage in until fully absorbed.

My Experience Using Gold Premium Ampoule

This was my first time trying an ampoule. So, I actually started using it in the morning after I did my cleansing and toning. The ampoule has a very light normal cosmetic fragrance. Its white in color and it gets absorbed within a minute leaving skin moisturized. It is a bit sticky though. I have dry skin and it is working well to hydrate my skin better. 

If you do invest in an ampule just make sure you don’t skip your sunscreen.

S-energy Intensive Hydro Cream Review

shangpree spa hydro cream

How to Use?

Massage the cream in gentle circular motions on the face and other desired areas. This product can be used as a daily moisturizer, a massage cream, an overnight mask, a hydrating primer and more.

My Experience Using S-energy Intensive Hydro Cream

I used this cream as a moisturizer, as a night cream as well as a massage cream at times. It did a fine job. My skin felt nourished. But the best way I thought it worked was a hydrating primer. My skin and makeup looked really flawless after using this as a primer.

Pros Of Shangpree Spa Products

  • Expensive gold spa treatments that you can use at home
  • Budget-friendly and easy to use
  • Smells wonderful
  • Hydrates dry skin and has a glowing effect
  • Rubber masks helps to make your skin look younger
  • Eye mask lightens under eye area and prevents dark circles
  • Ampoule works great to add instant golden glow to your skin
  • Intensive hydro cream works as great night time moisturizer and primer


  • Not available in local stores
  • Ampoule is bit sticky
  • The added fragrance in products might irritate sensitive skin
  • The modeling/rubber mask starts drying up very quickly and you need to use it real quick
HCS Rating


Shangpree Spa Treatment products are top quality and actually give your skin the radiant glow. The gold hydrogel eye mask actually lightens your under eye area. Do give this Gold Spa Care System by Shangpree a try.

Over To You

There is nothing I would regret about any of Shangpree spa care treatment products. All the products were really luxurious and were absolutely worth every penny. I honestly don’t have much complaints and would absolutely urge you to give them a try at least once. Before you leave, don’t forget to check out:

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Have a lovely day!


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Monday 23rd of July 2018

There rubber mould mask really adds stunning glow to the skin.

Nimisha Popat

Monday 23rd of July 2018

I couldn't agree more

Pera G

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Shangpree products are amazing. I loved their rubber mask. You get the instant results.

Nimisha Popat

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Ya Shangpree delivers fab quality products.

Jashmita k.

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Does its eye masks work?

Nimisha Popat

Monday 25th of June 2018

Yes dear.It helps to minimize dark circles.