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Satthwa Premium Regrowth Hair Oil Review !!!

Satthwa Premium Regrowth Hair Oil Review !!!

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Hey Guys,

We are surrounded by so many hair oil brands that are launching each and every day with lot of claims to treat all our hair problems and give us the best hair that we always dream of. Usually I go and find the product really intriguing with the promises that it makes but in 70% cases I end up disappointed.

Few weeks ago, I tried the Satthwa Premium Regrowth hair oil. Honestly, I was pretty tempted by Prashant (Founder of Satthwa)’s hair re-growth journey that he shared on Quora. He actually shared his personal story of how his carelessness resulted in his bad hair condition and how he created this hair oil eventually. What I loved the most was the guy actually shared the recipe of hair oil on Quora. I like people who are transparent.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review !!!

As I mentioned earlier, this hair oil is made by the founder of Satthwa and is actually made without harmful chemicals and mineral oils being added to it.

satthwa premium hair oil review

What Product Claims ???

“The product claims hair re-growth, promotes hair growth, slows down premature hair graying, prevents dandruff and stops hair fall. “

The Appearance

satthwa premium hair oil review

Satthwa hair oil comes in transparent plastic bottle white flip flop cap. On the cover every instructions, ingredients and all the basic details are listed clearly. Honestly the packaging is really simple for a hair oil that costs Rs.599. I really expected a bit more. The packaging is okay for travelling and does not spill.

The Swatch

satthwa premium hair oil review

The oil is pale yellow in color and is on bit of thicker side, i.e, the consistency of the oil is bit thicker compared to normal hair oils in the market. The oil smells exactly like Sesame oil. This was a bit turn off for me.But the smell goes off after 20-30 minutes or I guess I got used to it. But somehow it worked.

Ingredients and Directions for use

Satthwa hair oil ingredients and directions for use and complete review

Price and Shelf Life

The hair oil is bit on the pricey side but actually its obvious. Its blend of all premium hair oils and hence, the high price is justified. The oil costs Rs.599 for 100 ml.

Satthwa hair oil price and shelf life and complete review

My Take On Product

The Satthwa Premium regrowth hair oil is actually really thicker and has a consistency of like Castor oil. I know its extremely thick hence, you need really less oil and it spreads evenly on your hair. As I mentioned above the oil has a strong Sesame oil kinda smell which was a bit turn off for me. But the smell didn’t bother me after half an hour.

How I used this oil?

If you are regular reader here, you might already know that I have exact steps of hair oiling that I usually do.

1. I heat my hair oil using indirect method to enhance its nutrients and stimulate blood circulation.

2.Then I massage my hair and wrap my hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag to keep the natural heat trapped which then helps in better penetration of oil into the scalp and hair shaft.

satthwa premium hair oil review

3. Then I keep it overnight.

4. Then take steam the next day using my thermal cap.

5. After this I just shampoo my hair, do a hair rinse and then condition my hair as usual.

This is what I did when I used Satthwa premium hair oil.

  • I oiled
  • Massaged
  • Kept overnight
  • Gave steam
  • Washed my hair.

So far I have used this hair oil for 2 weeks and 5 times to be precise.

I actually noticed that the hair oil makes my hair softer and more manageable. I haven’t seen any such improvements in my scalp conditions, gray hair and hair growth. I guess I need to keep using it for that. But yes the oil actually helped me in treating my dry ends and it also added a vibrant shine to my hair.


  • Makes hair super soft
  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Works great on split ends
  • Perfect for people with dry hair


  • The smell is bit strong for first few minutes
  • Not easily available in local stores

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The Satthwa Premium Re-Growth hair oil is available on their official online store and Flipkart.

HCS Rating


This hair oil does make your hair softer, smoother and also helps in preventing split ends. Its perfect solution for people with dry, frizzy and lifeless hair. It does help in increasing hair volume. I definitely recommend this hair oil, if you have lifeless or limp hair.

Yay or Nay??

Absolutely Yay for me. Even though I didn’t see any speed up in my hair growth, I still liked the hair oil because it made my hair really soft and manageable. Plus using one single oil and getting benefits of 9 hair oils actually works kind of great for me.

So to sum up if money is not an issue and you are looking for a great hair oil that can make your hair soft and manageable then definitely go for it. Honestly if you buy this product expecting extreme hair growth overnight, then I would say that I am using it from 2 weeks now and haven’t seen any such speed up hair growth. Since, its completely natural, it takes time to show the desired results.

Hope this review will help you to better identify whether this hair oil actually is your cup of tea or not. Have a lovely day guys !!!

*PR Sample but the review is 100% honest and I really hope it helps you in some way:)


Sunday 12th of May 2019

Ths is my favrt oil


Saturday 4th of May 2019

I came here from Quora. I am still curious as to whether it works or not


Monday 15th of April 2019

Nice review. Please share how to prevent damage hair. I hate cutting them. But damage gets. So what do you say to do

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 12th of May 2019

Apply a little conditioner on your ends and then shampoo. This will help prevent damaged hair


Wednesday 19th of December 2018

I tried this hair oil and didn't see much of a difference


Tuesday 16th of October 2018

I didn't see any faster hair grow too but my hair fall reduced by this oil

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 21st of October 2018

Thank you for sharing your feedback dear!