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Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner Review

Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner Review

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Looking for a hair conditioner that helps in controlling hair fall???

I recently came across a brand called Lass Naturals.

They have a really unique way of making their products and they actually combine Ayurvedic techniques and latest technologies to bring you the best of two worlds. Plus, their products are SLS-free, soap-free, paraben-free and are not tested on animals(which you might know is very important to me).

You can read more about Lass Naturals here.

When I actually heard about their hair loss therapy range, I wanted to give it a go right away.

Since I started readers queries, I got quite bit emails where you guys were asking for a shampoo and conditioner recommendations that will actually work for hair fall troubles.

With a lot of hopes, I picked up this IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy range. You can check out my experience using IHT9 hair loss therapy shampoo here.

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Lass Naturals IHT9 Conditioner Review

lass naturals iht9 hair loss therapy conditioner review

Appearance: This conditioner comes in a white bottle with flip-shut cap that is completely spill-free. The packaging is bit simple but as they say, don’t judge the book by its cover, this stands true in this case.

Though the packaging is simple, all the necessary details are mentioned on the pack.

The conditioner is white in color has had absolutely perfect consistency as I like. It’s neither too thick, nor too runny. It spreads evenly and gets rinsed off easily too.

Price: Rs.265 for 200 ml.

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My Experience using Lass Naturals IHT9 conditioner

lass naturals iht9 hair loss therapy conditioner review

I have dry wavy hair.

I am always looking for a good conditioner to try.

The unique part about this conditioner is that they say to apply this conditioner on your scalp as well and massage. Honestly, I was bit skeptic since it contains silicones.

So, I didn’t use it on my scalp and used it as a normal conditioner instead.

I applied it after my shampoo and ran my  through my hair. And after 5 minutes I rinsed it off. It got rinsed off completely. The herbal fruity fragrance lingered on my hair for a couple of hours.

My hair felt soft to a certain extent, manageable but a bit weighed down after this and somehow felt straighter.

I haven’t seen any huge difference in hair fall because of conditioner like I did for shampoo. But after using both shampoo and conditioner together, I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair fall.

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  • Perfect consistency
  • Hair feels soft to certain extend
  • Controls hair fall
  • Paraben and SLS free
  • Spreads evenly and gets rinsed off easily too
  • Hair feels bit straighter
  • Cruelty-free


  • Contains silicone
  • Did weigh down my hair a bit
  • Only available online
HCS Rating


The conditioner does work for hair fall but weighs down hair a bit. If you are looking for a good cnditioner to give it a try today,then definitely give this one a try. It does work on hair fall.

Where to buy IHT9 conditioner online???

This conditioner is currently only available online, i,e, on their online store, Amazon and Flipkart.

Yay or Nay???

If you are looking for a good range of products to tackle your hair fall problem then definitely give this one a try. Use them together and you should see a good difference.

But along with this, make sure you use fenugreek rinse, rosemary oil or kalonji oil for faster results. You can also do hair spa for hair fall using ingredients from your kitchen.

Hope this post helped you in some way. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram for exclusive tips and inside stories.

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