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Hair Care Tips For Men That Work: Say Good Bye To Bad Hair Days!

Hair Care Tips For Men That Work: Say Good Bye To Bad Hair Days!

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Hey Guys,

Looking for hair care tips for men that actually work?

Being a guy with good hair definitely, adds to your bonus points. But most of our days end up in bad hair days. Try these hair care tips exclusively for men and you will definitely forget about bad hair days forever!

Hair Care Tips For Men

hair care tips for men

Incorporate these small hair care tips in your life and soon you will see quite a difference in your hair.

1.Use Right Shampoo and Don’t Wash Your Hair Every day

Do not wash your hair daily. Two or three times a week is more than enough. The more you wash your hair the more your natural oils get stripped off. Always make sure to wash your hair less and when you do wash make sure you use cold water.

Using the right shampoo is one of the main things that you need to consider. If you are using a shampoo that contains sulfates then switch it immediately. Sulfates in your shampoo act like a detergent which is really harsh on your scalp. Opt for a sulfate free shampoo preferably a herbal one like Park Avenue Daily Shine Beer Shampoo, Dove Men Care Shampoo, Rustic Art Biodegradable Shampoo, Iha Biospume Shampoo or Iles Formula Shampoo.

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2. Use The Right Conditioner

Use a silicone free conditioner. The conditioner that contains silicons usually tends to leave a layer of buildup that just sits on your hair and scalp. Hence it is always a good idea to use a silicone free conditioner likeMan Arden Conditioner, Iha Conditioner or Divine Love Conditioner.

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Limit the use of leave in conditioners and when you do use, make sure it contains zinc oxide to protect your hair from sun damage.

hair care tips for men

3.Take a Lemon Hair Rinse

Lemon hair rinse actually makes a very good difference to your hair. If you don’t know how to take a hair rinse, you can definitely read more about hair rinse here.

hair care tips for men

4. Use Hair Gels Sparingly

Hair gels though help you look stylish for some time they cause a layer of buildup n your scalp which in turn results in dandruff and hair fall. Make sure you limit the usage of the hair gels.

5.Never Go Out With Wet Hair & Use Your Towel Gently

This is something that I am guilty of doing too. But going out with wet hair attracts dust and pollution. This, in turn, results in dandruff and hair fall. That’s why you should always dry your hair before stepping out.

Be gentle while using your towel to dry your hair. Wet hair is very fragile and if you go all manly on your hair, then you might end up damaging your hair.

6.Use Beer and Egg Mask For Your Hair

Beer and Egg not only works good for your mood but works wonders for your hair too. Just whip a mask of beer and 1 egg and apply it on your hair. Leave for 20 minutes and then use shampoo. your hair will have a nice shine and will get healthy over time.

7. Go For a Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments actually help your hair to grow faster and help you control your hair fall. if you are starting to lose your hair then you definitely need to do a hot oil treatment with coconut oil, bhringraj oil, castor oil and vitamin e oil. Add all these and use it twice a week. This will definitely help you regrow your lost hair. You can read the full recipe here.

8. Do Hair Spa At Least Once Every Three Months

Hair spa may sound girly but it’s not. It actually does a great job when it comes to taking care of your hair and making them healthier inside out. Make sure you do hair spa at least once every three months.

9.Don’t Use Heat

Using heat to dry your hair or style them is something everyone is doing but you need to limit it. heat damages your hair, in the long run, making them weak. make sure to use them as less as possible.

10. Limit Harsh Salon Treatments

Salon treatments may seem pretty attractive but the harsh chemicals actually are very very bad for your hair and especially your scalp. Using too much of these treatments may result in gray hair, hair fall and in some cases severe scalp infections. make sure you do them very sparingly.

11. Don’t Comb Too Much

I actually carry a comb with me wherever I go but this is something that is actually one of the main culprits behind your damaged hair. Combing your hair often actually results in triggering your scalp which in turn produces oils that lead to greasiness. Limit combing your hair 3-4 times a day.

12.Use Dry Shampoo

hair care tips for men

Dry shampoo actually helps in combating the oily and greasy scalp and helps add the fresh look within just five minutes. You can always use a baby shampoo or Batiste does a good job too.

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13. Take Care Of Your Hair While You Swim

Chlorine in the pool actually causes hair fall. You need to make sure to wear a cap while you swim or use a good clarifying shampoo afterward.

hair care tips for men

14. Limit Drinking Alcohol

This may sound weird but drinking too much alcohol actually has a very bad effect on your hair too. It dries your hair out and may even result in hair fall. Make sure not to drink too much.

15. Limit Smoking

Like drinking smoking too is injurious not only t your health but also to your hair. Make sure you limit smoking.

16. Eat Healthy

Eating a balanced diet is a great way to go if healthy hair is on your bucket list. Eat a lot of proteins, fibers, and cars to get good hair inside out.

17. Drink Lot of Water

Make sure to drink at least 30 glasses of water daily. This will help your hair stay moisturized inside out.

18. Start Using Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the best things I have used till date for my hair. Just take small coin sized amount and apply it on your hair like a serum. This not only makes your hair appear healthy but actually helps your hair stay more manageable without using hair gels.

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19. Switch to Satin Pillow Covers

This may sound crazy but my friend, it makes a huge difference. N=regular cotton pillow covers actually strips off natural oils from your hair and scalp while you sleep. They actually make your hair appear weak and dry. That is why you should definitely consider switching to satin pillow covers.

20. Get Your Hair Cuts at Regular Intervals

A regular hair cut is a must for a guy. I usually trim every 8 weeks about an inch and have found that to be very good for my overall hair’s health. This is because every few weeks the damaged hair is gone and all that is left is healthy hair.

21. Stay Stress-Free

This is no secret but leading a stress-free life is the key to great hair. If you are stressed out and don’t get good 7-8 hours of sleep you will definitely see an increase in your hair fall. Make sure you live a stress-free life.

Stay happy and just follow this simple hair care tips. You will definitely see that bad hair days will be long gone.

Garima Jee

Sunday 12th of May 2019

This is helpful

Kimaya B

Wednesday 8th of May 2019

How to grow hair faster? Please share

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 12th of May 2019

Check this out

Dev Rathod

Friday 26th of April 2019

Can hair be grown in bald patches? I am male and I am losing my hair at early age. DO you recommend minoxidil?

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 12th of May 2019

Yes if the baldness is in early stages it can be controlled and you can easily regrow your lost hair.

And I can't hep about minoxidil. I may not be the right person to ask that but I can share this that there are studies that have proven rosemary essential oil effective as minoxidil. You can check it out here

Australia rocks

Saturday 6th of April 2019

Nice post

Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

Thanks. Eating healthy with a good lifestyle can improve your hair growth..

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018


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