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Trichup Shampoo With Natural Protein Review

Have you tried using Trichup shampoo yet?

While I got my hands on Trichup hair oil, I also thought of trying this herbal shampoo. What appealed me the most about this shampoo is that it claims to be SLS and paraben free and contains conditioner.

I have dry and frizzy hair and thought that it would definitely be a good shampoo for my hair. And after using this trichup shampoo for a month and finally emptying the bottle, I am here with my honest experience.

Trichup Shampoo Review

Product Claims:trichup shampoo review

Appearance: This herbal shampoo comes in a yellow colored plastic bottle that has a flip shut cap. The packaging makes the shampoo travel-friendly and appears nice.

The shampoo has a runny consistency and is loaded with a very pleasant fragrance. I personally loved the fragrance. It lingered onto my hair for an hour or so after the wash.

Ingredients and Directions to using trichup shampoo:ingredients of trichup shampoo

Price and shelf life: The bottle I have with me costs Rs.180 for 200 ml and has a shelf life of 3 years.

My Experience Using Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo

trichup shampoo review

I got this baby solely for its ingredients. And the fact that it has shampoo with conditioner really appealed me.

The first time I opened the bottle, I was greeted by a very pleasant fragrance of the shampoo. The shampoo being of runny consistency I had to use a little more for my long hair.

The shampoo despite being SLS free, lathered quite well. It left my hair and scalp squeaky clean in one go. My hair appeared shiny and was manageable to a certain extent. However, it didn’t make my hair frizz-free. I still felt the need to reach out to my conditioner. The shampoo gave a bit relief to my itchy scalp though.

After emptying this baby, which took me less than a month, I can say, use this shampoo if you have dry, dull hair that lacks shine and also if you have mild dandruff.


  • Free of harsh chemicals in shampoo
  • Smells nice
  • Lathers well and leaves hair clean in one go
  • Contains conditioner
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Controls frizz to a certain extent
  • Hair feels softer and manageable
  • Adds shine to dull hair
  • Works well for mild dandruff


  • If you have dry hair like mine, you might still need to use conditioner afterward.
  • You need to use more quantity compared to other shampoos in the market.
HCS Rating

Good shampoo for dull hair

If you have hair that appear dull, damage and lifeless, this shampoo definitely adds shine and new life to your hair.

Where To Buy Trichup Natural Protein Shampoo?

You can easily find this in local store, super market or even on Amazon.

Yay or Nay?


If you have dry and dull hair that lacks shine and are totally unmanageable, then you can definitely try this baby out. It will help you get that beautiful shine and appear healthy to a certain extent.

Hope you found this review on trichup shampoo useful. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see what’s currently on my testing table. See you soon with more reviews, diys, hair care tips and solutions to your hair queries.

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