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The day I started HairCareSquare, I never thought it would receive so much love and recognition so soon. You guys started trusting me and reaching out to me time and again made me start this series ‘Readers Hair Problems’. I never knew it would be such a hit that you guys would flood my inbox on Instagram as well as my email with your queries and so much love.

Thank you so much for all the trust.

It overwhelms me sometimes!

Okay so coming back to the point.

I honestly have my Instagram and email filled with so many queries and your hair problems are getting lost somehow with other msgs and emails. So I thought of creating an entire new id especially for you guys. So you can share your hair problems with me more easily.

How To Share Your Hair Problems?

share your hair problems

First of all, please use the Search option and type your hair problem or query, if its already asked and answered then this saves both of us some time.

If it isn’t there, please fill in the contact form below. And while sharing your hair problem, please share as much detail as you can. Include pictures for more detailed understanding. Don’t forget to include your hair type, scalp type and how long have you had your problems and what have you tried so far.

This helps me understand better and I could help you better.

Do I Charge Anything For This?

Nope, not even a single dime!

I personally do this because when I had my share of hair problems, internet was misguiding and lot of misinformation made my problems even worse. This is just my way of being there for you guys.

How Long Will I Take To Reply?

Well I try my level best to reply each and everyone of you ASAP. But there is a chance that it might take me more than a week or I might not be able to get back to you.

I know, I try my best but if you share a query that is already discussed here on this hair blog, then I unfortunately won’t be able to get back to you. Please before sharing your hair problems, please use the Search feature to search for it.

The way this works is I share the solutions here on HCS for everyone. So you need to stay updated here. You can sign up for push notifications or even for our newsletters to stay updated.

Where To Share Your Hair Problem or Query?

You can fill out the form below.

By filing the form, you give HCS rights to use the content and pictures in order to help others. Also, you don’t need to worry. We would either hide your name or change it while publishing the solutions.

If you agree to this, please fill out this contact form with as much details as possible.

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But I Want The Solutions Quickly. What To Do?

In case if you are in a rush for the solutions, you can leave a comment on my Instagram post (not dm) or comment here in the posts. Because this way it benefits everyone. You might also get great suggestions from others too.

Thanks again for all the love and trust!

~Nimisha <3