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Neesh Perfumes Attar-E-Ishq and Oud-De-Venice Review

Neesh Perfumes Attar-E-Ishq and Oud-De-Venice Review
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Hi guys,

How are you all doing? Thank you so much for loving “My Favorites Series” last week I reviewed this product and this week I am here with something really amazing -Neesh Pocket Perfumes. If you are a perfume lover like me then you will be as addicted to these perfumes as me.

neesh range of perfume review

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These beauties are really pocket friendly and adorable. I got to try their two amazing perfumes- Attar-E-Ishq (my personal favorite) and Oud-E-Venice (my Mom’s bffs)

Attar-E-Ishq Neesh Perfume

What Neesh says about this Perfume

“Have you been trying hard to get your crush’s attention? We have just the right perfume for you. Attar e Ishq has a crisp and clean, warm and sexy, almost impossible to resist fragrance. It has a base note of sweet vanilla and a top note of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood.

Make yourself more desirable with Neesh’s attar e Ishq – A fragrance that will keep you coming back for more. Get what you want!”

My Take on Attar-E-Ishq

neesh range of perfume review

This lil cutie pie comes in really attractive packaging. Its blue in color with little golden design which looks really classy.  The small black nozzle you see is really cute and you just need to give a little push and the perfume comes out real easily and in perfect quantity.

The perfume smells really perfect, neither too strong nor to light. Each spray stays on for approximately 8-10 hours. Despite not being too strong, the perfume manages to create a beautiful aura of this heavenly smell around you. I feel so happy and positive after using it.

This has become my Dad’s all time favorite too. He carries it with him around all the time. There has been incidences that he forgot to carry his mobile with him but remembered to carry this lil perfume with him.

neesh attar-e-ishq pocket perfume review

neesh attar-e-ishq pocket perfume review

Availability and Price

You can buy this perfume for RS.340 from their official site or from Amazon (great discount) or from Flipkart.

Oud-E-Venice Neesh Perfume

What Neesh says about this Perfume

“Oud De Venice is a fragrance designed for lovers as it has an intense and regal composition. Oud De Venice has a floral, spicy as cinnamon and a deep scent of amber which is absolutely aphrodisiacal and thoroughly aromatic.

The perfect fragrance for a romantic evening, the Oud De Venice by Neesh is the best pick for anybody who appreciates subtlety.”

My Take on Oud-De-Venice

neesh oud-de-venice pocket perfume review

As I mentioned earlier, this has become my mom’s Bff. My Mom has Asthma, so she cannot use perfumes or deos even though she loves them. So, when these beauties from Neesh arrived and I tried that this one was really light, I made her try it. She didn’t had any problems and honestly was really happy. Finally she found one perfume that she could use that won’t affect her health.

Reading the paragraph above you might be thinking that this perfume is really light and won’t have that good effect but trust the perfume is light but really effective and stays on for 8-10 hours even in humid climate. If you are in slightly sad or irritated mood, try a bit of this perfume and your mood will be brightened up immediately. This is because Neesh perfumes has a real good amount of essential oils which brightens up your mood.

neesh oud-de-venice pocket perfume review

neesh oud-de-venice pocket perfume review

Avalability and Price

You can buy this perfume for RS.340 from their official site or from Amazon (great discount) or Flipkart.


These Perfumes are really a breath of fresh air in Indian markets. I really loved the packaging and look of it. They are

  • Pocket friendly
  • light weight
  • contains essential oils
  • high quality fragrance
  • lightens your mood instantly
  • lasts upto 10 hours
  • each spray costs less than Rs. 1.


  • Not easily available in local stores.

Overall HCS Rating

HCS Rating : 5/5

Will I recommend it to a friend?

Absolutely. I am actually in love with these cute lil beauties. They fit your pocket, smell heavenly and lighten up your mood.

Have you guys tried these perfumes by Neesh? Which fragrance do you guys love the most.  Also, don’t forget to join in the giveaway on occasion of HCS turning 1.

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Have a lovely weekend guys!

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