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I am so happy to share with you that HairCareSquare is nominated for Liebster Award. This is my first award for blogging and I feel like I am on top of the world right now. Our blog was nominated by one of my good friend from blogging community itself, Sonali from Golden RimSonali just wanted to say that you are a sweetheart and I am really thankful to you for this warm welcome and amazing opportunity and I feel really flattered

liebster award

I received this amazing news on 25th October at midnight. I was so happy I just started screaming and dancing and my parents rushed to my room to see what was going on and I was shouting while jumping up and down on my bed. They calmed me down a bit and Congratulated me and gave me a big hug and also warned me not to scream anymore. Then I called my partner in crime, my best buddy and broke this news and we both shouted with joy again.

Well after my excitement levels came down and after I finished dancing for about 20 minutes I thanked Sonali for the nomination. Thanks again girl you are a doll . After that I contacted our best buddy “Google” for more details about the Liebster Award.

If you are unaware of it let me give you a brief explanation. Liebster comes from a German origin which means nicest, sweetest, lovable, dear, kindest, sweetheart and other sweet synonyms. (this made me even more happier knowing HCS has made to this sweet and lovable list.) Liebster award is a way of welcoming and taping the shoulders of new bloggers for their contribution to the blogging community. Honestly it indeed is the best way to encourage and actually boosts the confidence level. Here the bloggers nominate other newbie bloggers for the Liebster Award and if the bloggers choose to accept the award they need to write the post for thanking for the nomination and follow the

Six Simple Rules of the Liebster Award

liebster award rules

Here are the answers to the interesting questions given by Sonali

1.What do you specially do on weekends?

Weekends are my family days. I usually spend the weekend with my family or close friends and catch up with whatever I have missed on week days. Also I pamper my hair with hair spa or hot oil treatments.

2.Have you ever thought of being full time blogger?

Yes. It is actually a part of the plan. I love blogging and is something that never makes me tired. Hence, I find it the amazing option and will do it soon after my study ends.

3.Which is your favorite place to visit?

Honestly I enjoy being on any place with a beach or a snowfall .

4.Home made food or street food ?

Both because I am a big foodie.

5.What was your first thought when you woke up in this morning ?

My first thought was lets sleep for an hour more. LOL..

6.What cheers you up ?

Yummy food, Small talk with my Pals, Dancing, Painting, A Cup of Tea , A new visit on my blog and most importantly a bowl full of ice cubes. I just love eating ice cubes.

7.What do you order or not order at restaurant ?

I always order something spicy and a dessert. And there is nothing I won’t order. I am a big foodie and I love trying new dishes.

8.What question do you hate to answer ?

When are you getting married? This is the most disastrous question and your life might be at risk if you dare to ask me.

9.Have you ever dance on stage?

Yes. If there is an opportunity to dance on the stage, trust me I would be the first one to exploit it.

10.What have you always wanted? Did you get it?

I have always wanted a house with a swimming pool and No it still stands on my Bucketlist.

Here comes the 11 craziest facts about Me

  1. I am a big foodie and love especially the desserts.
  2. I love clicking lots of selfies and group photos with my family and close pals. I believe in capturing the beauty of the moment.
  3. I eat at least 1 ice cube daily.
  4. As soon as I wake up I need my tea otherwise you will see my cranky side.
  5. I have won a swimming competition and I love jumping into water from great heights. I have jumped from bridges to directly into the rivers a couple of times.
  6. I am a big animal lover and have a lovely pet dog named Switu and you might find me feeding the street animals and clicking pictures with them.
  7. I am big freak when it comes to my skin and hair.
  8. I have a cosmetics business going on along with blogging.
  9. I love collecting cosmetics, hair care products, shoes, clutches and teddy bears.
  10. I have been through depression for a brief period in my life but thanks to my parents and friends I was over it and now believe in living the moment.
  11. I am a strong Karma Believer.

Here are my Nominations ( in no particular order, I love them all)

  1. Veena Hussain from VeenazKit
  2. Sharon from SharonBeautyPrime
  3. Smruti Shah from Herbivore Cucina
  4. Cate from MaryFromMartha
  5. Aarika Chilson from JustBeetIt
  6. Leah Polhemus from AnInchOfHope
  7. Debra from FirstLightOfEvening
  8. Jenny Diorio from FlourSackSweets
  9. Dawn Haralam from CholyFlower
  10. Sarah Emmerling from BipolarBytes

Here comes the questions I would love for the bloggers mentioned above to answer.


I would once again thank each and every reader for your support and to whole blogging community. Feeling really awesome. Its time to say Cheers My Friend.

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