Haircredible Freak Show Hair Spray Review – Hair Line Credible for Fine Hair

Hey Guys,

How are you? Hope you are having a good day. You know how I am always digging the internet for finding something really unique and the products that actually delivers results??? I was searching for something that would work for fine hair.

Being a hair blogger, I receive countless emails from people who are fighting with their hair problems. One problem I get constantly hear about is that people with fine hair don’t find a good hair product. Their hair tends to be oilier, are easily damaged and don’t hold any style for long. And when they use hair sprays or style holding balms and creams, it just weighs their hair down stealing all the volume.

haircredible freak show hair spray

I felt really bad and on the mission of finding perfect hair products for fine hair that are free of harmful chemicals and won’t weigh your hair down, I discovered “HairCredible“.

About the Brand

HairCredible is a hair line that was started by Lavada Dale. She started it because she has really fine hair and didn’t found the perfect products for her hair. Most companies usually focus on other hair types like curly, kinky, straight but none catered for limp and fine hair. Thus, HairCredible was created keeping in mind the needs of fine hair. They also work great for curly, wavy and straight hair textures too.


You can follow the brand on their Instagram and Twitter Pages. They have a great #MyFineHairIsBeautiful campaign.

HairCredible Freak Show Hair Spray Review

HairCredible hair products are loaded with all the healthy elements like essential oils, natural butters, vitamins, plant & fruit extracts and other natural ingredients to repair damage and hydrate dry hair. At the same time, the products are free of all the harmful chemicals which makes it the perfect option for your hair.

Product Claims

HairCredible Freak Show Hair Spray gives you volume, holds style, adds shine and works as a heat protectant too. It is weightless, non-oily and very conditioning at the same time. It is free of parabens and works as UV Protectant and Humidity Resistance.

haircredible freak show hair spray

What caught my attention the most?

I really loved the unique name of the hair spray ;). I usually love the hair care products that are free of harmful chemicals and include lot of great and healthy elements. There are lot of brands out there that do that but what caught my attention the most is that this hair spray has a really unique ability. It has a special innovative spray technology that offers 3 in 1 spray patterns.

  1. Light spray for soft holding and reworking
  2. Medium spray for fashion styling and redefining
  3. Heavy spray for firmer holding

I haven’t heard of any other hair spray do this before.

How to use it???

Hold can at a distance of 10-12 inches and spray evenly.

Price and Availability

HairCredible Freak Show Hair Spray Costs $20 and is available on their online store.


  • Though made for fine hair type but works great for all hair types
  • Offers unique 3 in 1 Spray patterns
  • Contains Vitamins, Essential oils, butter, plant and fruit extracts
  • Free of mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, paraffin, formaldehydes and other horrible things
  • Cruelty free which matters to me the most
  • Works as heat and UV protectant
  • It is extremely light and does not weigh your hair down
  • Conditions your hair instead of adding a build-up
  • Travel friendly
  • Ships worldwide


  • Can’t think of anything. I love it.

Overall HCS Rating: 5/5

Yay or Nay???

Yay all the way 🙂 !!! I just can’t think of any other hair spray doing even half the things that this hair spray from HairCredible does. Being completely loaded with ingredients that make your hair healthy makes it my first choice when it comes to hair spray.

If you are one of those who have really fine hair and are looking for a great product that will hold style, work as heat and UV protectant and won’t weigh your hair down, then this is the perfect companion for your hair. Do give it a try once. You will not regret it.

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