hair bobble tie review
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Hair Bobble Ties Review: The Magical Hair Ties

Hey Sweethearts,

Are you one of those girls who are always complaining that their hair tie is not good enough. And Two round is lose and three is too tight? Plus the dents and traces that the hair ties leaves on your hair and make them look crooked? Sounds familiar na? Well here I have the perfect solution for you all – Hair Bobble Ties.

hair bobble tie review Well If you guys haven’t heard of them yet then let me tell you in brief that Bobble Ties are spiral and spring like hair ties made up of wire kind of thing. These spiral hair rings are perfect and magical hair ties that works amazingly well to tie up your hair.

Hair Bobble Tie Review

hair bobble tie review

The Appearance

These little magical hair ties comes in cute little transparent boxes and are spiral Spring like made up of wire. These are available in mostly all colors and has a glossy finish.

What Product Claims

“We care about your hair! Bobble ties are professional hair care product that leaves your hair smooth and dentless. Bobble Ties Do not tear your hair . They support the hair with a firm grip, without pulling it. After you remove them at night, the hair bobble ties comes back to its original size in the morning.”

My Experience

hair bobble tie review

The Hair Bobble ties reached me fair quickly within 10 days and I received them in perfect state. I used the hair bobble ties first time and noticed that it was able to hold my hair perfectly with just one round. Then I twisted it and took the second round and it was still perfect. Then just out of curiosity took the third round and to my surprise it was still perfect. I was really amazed.

Honestly I played with the hair bobble ties like a little kid with his new toy. I tried using it in a pony tail, fishtail braid, bun, half updo and each time it worked amazing for me.

Then I did a little experiment, I tied my hair in a bun the whole day and took three rounds on the hair bobble tie and it was a bit lose when I removed t. I was a bit disappointed and thought that the brand claims were false like most brands. But the next morning I woke up and saw that the bobble tie was back to its original form (well almost 90%) and I was so happy. I danced like a peacock dances when it rains. Lol. Not because I found it amazing but because I was so happy that I finally found a product that I could share it with you guys that actually works. That’s what makes me happy.

Here is a pic where you can see the one that I used whole day in bun and how it looks the next day.

hair bobble tie review


Other than these I found that my hair were really straight even after I tied my hair really hard with these in a pony tail for an hour. Its like it didn’t leave a trace. I hate when the hair ties add a little wave to my hair. Plus because of its spiral nature, it was real easy to come off and I say 80% less hair fall. That’s a big thing for me. Because I am a bit of drama queen when I see my hair fall.


  • Leaves no trace or dents on your hair
  • Comes back to 90% of its original state in few hours
  • Keeps your hair in place with one, two or even three rounds
  • Works well with bun, pony tails, half updos, braids
  • Less Hair Fall


  • Not available in local stores

Price and Availability

The hair bobble ties are priced $8 for one pack and they offer free worldwide shipping. You can order yours by sending them a message on their Facebook or Instagram Pages.

Overall HCS Rating

Hcs Rating : 4/5

Yay Or Nay??? Will I Re-Purchase??

Absolute Yay for me. I guess the ones I have will last for at least two years or more but after that definitely gonna order it.

So, what do you guys think of this product? Have you tried something like this and wanna me to review it? Do share your thoughts.

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