hair accessories trend 2017 and where to buy them online in India
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Hair Accessories Trends for 2017 & Where to Buy Online Hair Accessories in India?

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A lot of people think hair accessories are out-dated and unnecessary, but they couldn’t be more wrong! If you’re looking to express yourself in subtle, stylish and beautiful ways this 2017, then finding the perfect hair accessory is the perfect place to start. To get you excited about the warmer months, here are some of the best hair accessories that are going to grace our heads this year…

The Wedding Look

hair accessories 2017

Image SourcePC: Faylyne

2017 is all about floral patterns, so whether you’re a wedding guest or a bride, put some flowers in your hair and watch your look flourish! There are so many beautiful different options and styles that you can take inspiration from this year. If you are a bride and have a shabby-chic theme to your wedding, then adding some small real flowers to your hair will look gorgeous – especially if you are having a Spring or Summer wedding.

Floral headbands are also a brilliant style hack if you’re wanting to add that floral look to your wedding hair, but don’t have the time/ patience to find real flowers or add them to your hair. You can buy online hair accessories or floral headbands from here.

Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair is a recent phenomenon that is making waves in the style scene. Picture bubble gum pink and pastel blue hair, with glitter roots! It’s really as magical as it sounds. One of the most popular ways to style unicorn hair is to braid your hair into tight French braids, so that you have a clear and defined parting – this is where the fun bit is – then you spray fair spray across your roots and sprinkle gorgeous glitter across your parting. It looks really great if you use different glitter varieties, chunky, fine, different shapes, any cosmetic glitter you can think of, pour it on! For the perfect finishing touch (if you’re looking for a less permanent style) is to spray pastel, unicorn colored, hair paint on your braids. This look is perfect for festivals, or even for a night out! You can also use colored chalks, if you are afraid of damaging your hair. You can buy colored chalks to color your hair from here.

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Festival Chic

floral hair accessories for wedding 2017

Image SourcePC : Faylyne

Crown headbands and flower headbands are the perfect festival accessory, they give off a real Summer vibe and will have people turning heads no matter where you go! If you’ve found the perfect festival outfit but don’t know how to style your hair (or are four days into a festival and are looking for a way to tame your hair), then these accessories will take your style to a straight 10! You can explore different options here and here.

Acceptable in the 80s

metallic hair scrunchies

Image Source

In 2016, we saw the return of the scrunchies, and we have some news, they’re here to stay! Fill your hair with brightly coloured and metallic scrunchies to give a real 80s feel to your style. The 80s are making a comeback in a big way this Summer, so what better way to embrace the style than to prepare your hair? You can explore few options here.

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Where to Buy Online Hair Accessories in India

Now you all know which hair accessories to look out for to keep up with the hair trends this year. There are lot of places to buy hair accessories but my favorite destination to buy hair accessories online in India are Amazon, Snapdeal, Qtrove and That1too.

Hope this post helped you in keeping up with the hair accessories trends to look for this year and where you can buy hair accessories online in India. Do give it a share and also don’t forget to join our Exclusive Facebook Group.

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