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Under Eye Revive-Natural Treatment for Dark Circles by Hug Your Skin

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Few days back, I shared a post about a brand called HugYourSkin and how their products are completely natural??? Here today I am going to shed light on their under-eye treatment products.

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Why Hug Your Skin???

Because their products are completely natural, water free and are oil based. Oil based products usually deliver effective and quick results. Plus, like I explained in my last post that only oil based products can be completely natural. If a product contains water, it has to contain preservatives. You can check out their organic beauty products here.

how to find out if the products are 100% organic

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Under Eye Revive

Under Eye Revive by Hug Your Skin Review

Under eye revive is an eye balm that is actually really soothing. The balm claims to target the delicate under-eye area to minimize puffiness and brighten the look of dark circles. Plus, it claims to work for all skin types including the most sensitive.

How to use: Take pearl size of the product. With your ring finger gently smooth it under each eye from inner to outer corner twice, then lightly pat in.

This is a completely natural treatment for under eyes and normally it takes up to 3 weeks of regular application for best visible results. This balm will definitely sooth your under-eye area and will reduce the puffiness as well the dark circles. The oil based formula will help in treating fine lines and signs of aging too.

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Why and How Under Eye Revive Was Made???Under Eye Revive by Hug Your Skin Review

On lot of requests Dr. Spiezia (creator of Inlight Products), started a mission to create the perfect product that will help you treat under eye area. Our eyes seem puffy and dark circles may appear darker because of lot of reasons like excessive salt intake, skin aging, lack of sleep, improper diet and lot of different reasons. Hence, under eye revive was made while keeping in mind all these factors.

Dr. Spiezia made this product with lot of trial and errors and finally using all the amazing ingredients that other nature has to offer, under eye revive was born. The ingredients that finally did the trick were Jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, beeswax, bitter cherry oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, arnica extract, carrot extract, green tea extract, green coffee extract, burdock extract, cypress oil, petit grain oil, rosemary extract, witch hazel extract, hydrocotyl leaf extract, marigold extract, rose extract. Cornflower extract, Camu Camu extract, Evening primrose oil, bitter orange oil, lavender oil.

These ingredients together makes up the unique formula that helps in draining the toxins and stimulating the blood flow. This in turn helps in treating your dark circles and puffy eyes and that too naturally and without any side effects. What more can you ask for, right?

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  • Oil Based Formula
  • Works for all skin types
  • Chemical and preservatives free
  • Contain Pro Collagen
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Gentle on delicate eye area
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Has a long shelf life of 28 months
  • Cruelty Free
  • Certified Organic Brand
  • High Concentration of phytonutrients


  • Not available in local stores
  • Products aren’t shipped worldwide

I hope you found this post useful. Do give their natural treatment for dark circles a try. They are probably world’s cleanest brands ever. You will definitely like them.

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*This post is in association with Hug Your Skin.

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