Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review
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Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review: Does It Really Benefit Your Hair?

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Hey guys,

Have you tried Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo yet?

I love how aloe vera has the power to transform your hair completely. I used to have very rough hair and this little ingredient totally transformed my hair. So, I had an opportunity to try this ingredient into a shampoo, I knew I just had to grab it.

About the Brand: Debon Herbals

Debon Herbals is a herbal cosmetic manufacturer in India with a mission to create natural herbal products which are superior in quality, conforming to International standards but with affordable pricing. Their mission was to make an impact on the human skin through ingredients and raw materials procured from natural resources. You can find out more about them here.

Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

I picked this particular shampoo because I am a die-hard fan of aloe vera. I know how amazing it works on transforming your hair. I use it for controlling my hair fall and triggering my hair growth as well as for taming my frizzy hair. So, when I came across a shampoo with benefits of aloe vera, I just couldn’t resist.

Product Claims

  • Aloe vera has the incredible ability to increase blood circulation thus promoting hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera has inflammatory properties, which controls bacterial growth and dandruff
  • Strengthens and repairs hair strands & deeply conditions Hair.
  • Deep cleans oily hair in a gentle way to retain moisture balance.
  • Every wash leaves your hair refreshed and full of natural body and shine


Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

The shampoo comes white plastic bottle with flip-flop golden colored cap. The shampoo is the most beautiful shampoo I have ever tried. Its got beautiful green color and had an amazing shine. The shampoo is a bit thick in consistency so need very little shampoo to wash your hair and if like me you dilute your shampoo before you use, then you only end up using a dime-sized amount.

Price and shelf life: This shampoo costs Rs.210 for 300 ml and has a shelf life of 3 years.

Ingredients: Sadly, they didn’t mention all the ingredients list.

Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo Review

How to use it: Wet hair, apply shampoo taking on your palm. Massage for 2/3 minutes. Rinse hair. Dry with clean individual towel.

My Experience Using Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo

As I mentioned above, I picked this baby up because it had aloe vera as its main ingredient. The first time I used this baby I fell in love with how pretty the shampoo looked.

The shampoo being a little thick, you end up using very little quantity. It lathers well and leaves your hair and scalp squeaky clean in one go. My hair felt extremely clean and manageable even without conditioner. Ths shampoo has very mild yet pleasant fragrance which lingers on for half an hour after you wash your hair. The best thing I loved about this shampoo is that it added a very beautiful shine to my hair.

Like it claimed, it definitely retains moisture and adds a beautiful shine.


  • Looks beautiful
  • Contains aloe vera
  • Smells divine
  • A bit thick in consistency
  • Can easily skip the conditioner afterward
  • Adds a wonderful shine to your hair
  • Does not dry out the scalp
  • Works for all hair types


  • Not available in local stores yet
  • The detailed ingredient list is not mentioned
HCS Rating


If you have dry, dull and lifeless hair, then this shampoo might help you to add life, shine and moisture to your hair.

Where to buy Debon Herbals Aloe Vera Shampoo?

You can buy this shampoo from Amazon.

Yay or Nay?


I loved this shampoo. It was a bit thick in consistency but it made my frizzy hair much more manageable. I was able to ditch my conditioner easily. The shampoo also adds shine and bounce to your hair.

If you have dull hair and are looking for a shampoo that will help you get that beautiful shine and life to your hair, then definitely give this baby a try.

Hope you found this review helpful. To see what’s on my testing table right now, follow me on my Instagram and join our facebook group.

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