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Damsel Code Review-Buy Hair Accessories & Trendy Jewelry Online in India!!!

Damsel Code Review-Buy Hair Accessories & Trendy Jewelry Online in India!!!

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Hey Guys,

Saw my hair accessories and jewelry haul by Damsel Code in my Instagram stories???

After I started Reader’s Query Series, I got a couple of messages asking for a trendy and affordable place to buy hair accessories online in India. Hence, I started digging the internet to find out the perfect online store for you guys. That’s when I stumbled on Damsel Code. So, I got a couple of things from damsel code and I just can’t wait to show you guys.

About the Brand

Damsel Code is an online shopping website where you will find latest jewelry and hair accessories. Plus the stocks are updated quite often so you stay up to date with the latest trends. They also have a subscription box, which I haven’t tried yet but I am definitely gonna get my hands on it. You can find out more about their subscription box here.

My Shopping Experience from Damsel Code

Damsel Code website has a clean and pretty user-friendly navigation. You can easily navigate from one page to another plus website loads really quickly. That’s what a must for me when I am shopping online. They have created few lookbooks for your inspiration. And honestly, it’s just too tempting. I spent hours on the website deciding which one should I buy and I finally selected few pieces.

Ohh the Fast Shipping…

You guys know me, I love shopping online. And you must have heard me complain about how much longer it takes to reach a product. And I just hate that. But with Damsel code, the pieces were with me after just 2 days. Now that’s what I am talking about. They have an incredibly fast shipping service which I definitely had to share with you guys. The products were wrapped in plastic bags and even the box was safe and undamaged when I received it.

My Hair Accessories & Pieces of jewelry From Damsel Code

They have a really beautiful hair accessories collection. The ones I wanted were quickly getting out of stock. So you need to get yours quickly. You can check out their hair accessories collection here.

Gold Chain with Leaf Comb

damsel code review buy online hair accessories and trendy jewelry

I got my hands on a gold leaf chain which is perfect to Zazzle up any of your simple hair styles. It just adds that instant style to even the normal boring buns and ponytails. Plus the quality is really great. This was one of the best hair accessories I purchased till date. You can check out more about it and buy it from here.

Rhinestone Barrets Set of 6

damsel code review buy online hair accessories and trendy jewelry

These little pins can be your perfect partner in giving you that extra elegant look that you are striving for. Use it in pairs or single or all of them at once, just let your creative juices flowing and have fun with it. You can buy these from here.

Contemporary Gold Pearl Torc

Oh how much I love pearls! I have tried a lot of pearl necklaces till date but this one is the most special. Reason being it has such a beautiful Indian touch to it. It goes great with my traditional as well as western outfits. I paired it with the simple summer dress and the results were fabulous. Don’t you think? Most of you were asking me where did I get this necklace??? I got mine from here.

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This Beautiful Bracelet and Statement ring

I don’t usually buy bracelets because I have really tiny hands and they don’t do justice to the beauty of bracelets. But this one was different. It’s adjustable and looked like a perfect match for my hands. I was super happy how adorable it looked.

I love statement pieces especially the statement rings. You just wear these and it just adds that beautiful spark to your whole attire. I wore it with my LBD and the compliments kept flooding in!

damsel code review buy online hair accessories and trendy jewelry

Why I recommend You to Buy Hair Accessories and Jewelry from Damsel Code

First of all, they have a huge and super classy collection that is updated regularly. Their quality is really great. And the best of all, they ship so quickly that you don’t have to go through patience test to get your hands on your beautiful jewelry. Also, they have a quick and easy return policy which gives you the confidence that you need while shopping online. Also, they have cash on delivery option too. Isn’t it a win win win!!!


  • Great Collection
  • Good Quality
  • Fast Shipping
  • Easy Returns
  • Lookbooks available for inspiration
  • Cash on Delivery Available
  • Subscription box available


  • Just that these beauties are only available online and not in local stores yet.
HCS Rating


If you are looking for a great place to shop for trendy jewelry and super classy hair accessories then you definitely need to give Damsel Code a try. With their beautiful collection, cash on delivery and easy returns policy, you really don’t have anything to lose. I am sure you will be their happy customer too like me.

Yay or Nay???

Yay!!! There is nothing bad that I can say about my shopping experience with Damsel Code. You guys wanted me to find a great place to shop for hair accessories online and this is hands down one of the best places to shop for jewelry and hair accessories online. Do give them a try. You will love it too.

Hope you liked my little haul. Do let me know if you would like to see more such posts. Also, don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram.

Have a lovely day!!!


Thursday 6th of December 2018

I recently shopped from them and I can vouch for their fast shipping too. it was mind blowing


Wednesday 5th of December 2018

their jewelry quality is very nice