7 Exclusive Tips To Improve Hair Health Naturally

improve hair health

The state of your hair health says a lot about you. And if you are looking for tips to improve your hair health naturally overtime, then you have landed at the right place. Here’s a quick but comprehensive guide to help you improve hair health with minimal efforts. What Affects Your Hair Health? Before delving … Read more

I Tried Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo (In-Depth Review)

Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo review

I recently emptied my Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo bottle and thought of sharing my experience using this Sunsilk purple shampoo on my dry wavy hair. I have been using this shampoo for more than a month now. And here is my in-depth review of Sunsilk perfect straight shampoo. Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo Review This Sunsilk … Read more

Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products To Avoid for Healthy Hair

harmful chemicals in hair products

Eating the right foods, exercising, taking vitamins when necessary, and even reducing stress, will all support a healthy head of hair. However, if you are aiming to grow out your hair and keep it safe, there are some hair products with harmful chemicals you should avoid at all costs. While this can be a little … Read more

How I Use Avocado Oil In My Hair & Skin Care Routine? DIYs Included

avocado oil

Being a member of the dry hair and even dryer skin family, I am always looking for ingredients that have great nourishing and hydrating properties. And on my quest to find the best ingredient to soothe my dryness issues, I stumbled upon the good ole avocado oil.  Benefits of Avocado Oil With so many different … Read more

Zilch Freedom Tango Shampoo and Tango Twice Conditioner Review

zilch cosmetics review

I often switch my shampoos and conditioners specifically because I love experimenting with different hair products and also because I can share its pros and cons with you guys. So last month I was using shampoo and conditioner by Zilch Cosmetics, solely because of its oh-so-appealing ingredients list. The Zilch shampoo and conditioner claims to … Read more

Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review: Best Cure For Dandruff?

sebowash shampoo review

I have a lot of requests for a solution on irritated scalp and severe dandruff. And instead of replying to each query one by one, I figured I can simply write about a product that I discovered by accident but works well, i.e., Cipla’s Sebowash Shampoo. This shampoo is specifically meant to treat dandruff, dry … Read more

How To Do Hair Smoothening At Home: A Step By Step Guide

Hair Smoothening At Home

Hey Guys, Each one of us dreams of those frizz-free, manageable, and silky smooth hair. But those harsh smoothening treatments are so damaging in the long run. Plus, the added expense and the regular maintenance afterward are pretty big cons too.  While going through your hair queries last night, I landed on an email where … Read more

Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo Review: Discontinued?

neutrogena anti residue shampoo review

With this new year, I got my hands on a lot of new products and new DIYs. I am restarting the Reader’s Queries Section as well. So don’t forget to send in your queries too. So without further ado let me start today’s review. I have with me a clarifying shampoo by Neutrogena. Its called … Read more

Nature Sure Leech Oil For Hair Regrowth Review: Ingredients, Price & Buy Online India

leech oil for hair regrowth

Hey Guys, Ever heard about leech oil? I know it sounds weird and a little icky but yes it exists. Leech oil is an oil from (as you might have guessed it) leeches. Now you might be thinking why would anybody apply this oil and why would it work? Is it another marketing gimmick by … Read more

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner Review: Price & Buy Online India

Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner Review: Price & Buy Online India

Hey Guys, As you might be aware from my Insta Stories, that Herbal Essences finally came to India and I couldn’t be happier. My friends overseas have been raving about their shampoo and conditioners and I just couldn’t wait but placed my order for their whipped cocoa butter shampoo and conditioner from Amazon. After using … Read more