Hair Accessories Trends for 2017 & Where to Buy Online Hair Accessories in India?

hair accessories trend 2017 and where to buy them online in India

Hey Guys, A lot of people think hair accessories are out-dated and unnecessary, but they couldn’t be more wrong! If you’re looking to express yourself in subtle, stylish and beautiful ways this 2017, then finding the perfect hair accessory is the perfect place to start. To get you excited about the warmer months, here are … Read more

Hair Bobble Ties Review: The Magical Hair Ties

hair bobble tie review

Hey Sweethearts, Are you one of those girls who are always complaining that their hair tie is not good enough. And Two round is lose and three is too tight? Plus the dents and traces that the hair ties leaves on your hair and make them look crooked? Sounds familiar na? Well here I have … Read more