Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil For Hair: Tips & DIYs Included

rosemary for hair

Have you used rosemary essential oil for hair loss yet? I am sure you must have heard that it helps with dandruff, hair growth, hair loss, regrowth of hair and what not. Rosemary essential oil is a type of essential oil that is extracted from the rosemary plant by cold press method. It smells absolutely … Read more

5 Most Effective Essential Oils for Hair Loss

essential oils for hair loss

Have you tried using essential oils for hair loss yet? If not then you are surely missing out on one of the quickest solutions to your hair loss. When it comes to hair loss, there is a lot you can do- following a healthy lifestyle, sticking to natural hair care routine, using the right hair … Read more

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review & DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe!!!

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review

Hey Lovelies, How are you? Do you guys remember my Moksha Lifestyle’s Essential oils Haul post? In that post I showed you guys the set of 6 Amazingly useful essential oils that I had and promised to review them soon. Well its a bit delayed but finally here is my first essential oil review and … Read more

Huge Essential Oils Haul by Moksha : Best Quality at Cheapest Prices

Hi Guys, How you doing? (Joey’s style ;-)) I was watching FRIENDS, hence still in my FRIENDS’s fan head. Raise your hands if you think FRIENDS is the awesome sitcom ever. Lets get back to our topic before I get lost again in my friends’s zone. Today, I am going to be sharing an awesome … Read more