Cipla Sebowash Shampoo Review: Is It Really The Best Dandruff Cure?

sebowash shampoo review

Hi Guys, I have a lot of requests for a solution on irritated scalp and severe dandruff. And instead of replying to each query one by one, I figured I can simply write about a product that I discovered by accident but works well, i.e., Cipla’s Sebowash Shampoo. This shampoo is specifically meant to treat … Read more

Kalonji Oil: Benefits and How To Use| Ft. BlendItRaw Apothecary

kalonji oil

You guys know how much I love using different oils to treat my hair problems. Kalonji oil is one of my favorites especially when it comes to treating hair fall and regrowing new hair. So far I have been using my homemade kalonji oil but recently I thought of testing a readily available option just … Read more

CashKaro Review: Get Real CashBack Everytime You Spend Money Shopping

Guys, have you tried using CashKaro yet? It is a simple website that helps you save money while you shop. You like shopping and saving money, right? 😉 With all these festive season sales and brands going crazy with the latest deals, I thought why not earn some decent cashback while shopping? If you are like me … Read more

Why & How Meditation For Hair Growth Works?(Proof With Case-Studies Included)

Meditation for hair growth

Meditation for hair growth? I was as doubtful and clueless as you’re right now until I tried and gained the results. In the era of hyper positivity and rat race, we give the least importance to mental well being and peace of mind. Be it men or women hair loss has now become inevitable in … Read more

Best Avocado Hair Mask To Deep Condition Your Hair & Repair Damage

best avocado hair mask

Have you tried an avocado hair mask before? It sounds sticky and messy but has superb repairing and hydrating properties. Well, I love using avocado oil in my hair care routine but I rarely use avocado on my hair directly. However, last week, I just opened my refrigerator to pick up something and saw an … Read more

Why Using Olive Oil For Hair Would Be The Best Decision Of Your Life?

olive oil for hair

Have you tried using olive oil for hair yet? You’ve probably been hearing about how olive oil is the best oil in the market and how good it is for health. Especially the extra-virgin olive oil is the most popular choice. It is used in salad dressings, cooking other delicacies, and even moisturizing your skin … Read more

My Thin To Thick Hair Journey| How To Get Hair Thicker

my thin to thick hair journey

I often get compliments about my hair. People adore its color, shine, length, and most of it, its thickness. We all desire that thick hair crown on our head, don’t we? But due to our lifestyle choices, wrong products, bad eating habits, pollution, stress, and other countless factors, we lose that beautiful crown one hair … Read more

Derma Roller For Hair Loss and Faster Regrowth|How To Use?

derma roller for hair

Hi Guys, Have you tried derma roller for hair loss control and faster hair growth yet? Its the latest buzz in the hair industry and as an enthusiast I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Plus, I got a lot of requests to share my two cents on derma rollers and whether or not they … Read more

Homemade Banana Hair Mask To Repair Your Damaged Hair

Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Hello Lovely Ladies, Banana Hair Mask is one of the quickest fix to repair damaged hair. Are you a victim of damaged, rough and unmanageable hair? I know I used to be. We all have experienced bad hair days. While we try fixing the damage with different products available in the market. But most often … Read more