Copper Peptides For Hair Growth: How It Works?

copper peptides for hair growth serum

You might have tried using copper peptides in your skin care routine as an excellent anti-aging ingredient but have you tried using copper peptides for hair growth? Yes, copper peptides does work well for faster hair growth by blocking DHT and stimulating extra blood flow to the scalp. As we age, our hair begins to … Read more

Can You Use Regular Conditioner As Leave-in Conditioner?

conditioner as leave-in conditioner

Can you use regular conditioner as leave-in? The simple answer is Yes and No. Let me clarify. Regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners have different purposes and chemical formulations. Regular conditioner is meant to be used with a shampooing and conditioning system, which is why you’re actually advised not to use it as a leave-in. A … Read more

7 Best Bakuchiol Serums That Are Effective Retinol Alternatives

bakuchiol serum

Bakuchiol is an ayurvedic skincare ingredient that is famous for being an equally effective retinol alternative without irritation. If you haven’t heard of this active ingredient yet, then you might be missing out on something truly amazing that can transform your entire skincare routine. What Is Bakuchiol? Bakuchiol is derived from the seeds and leaves … Read more

7 Best Rosemary Shampoo For Hair Loss

best rosemary shampoo for hair loss

Rosemary shampoo that is made from pure rosemary oil or rosemary extracts is exactly what we need to control severe hair fall and promote faster hair growth. I have been using rosemary essential oil for hair loss in my hair care routine for more than 7 years now and I cannot recommend you enough. I … Read more

Is Native Shampoo Good For Your Hair? Is It Cruelty-free?

is native shampoo good for your hair

Is Native shampoo good for your hair? Or is it bad for your hair? Is Native cruelty-free and vegan? Ever since I started this series where we discuss the most popular hair care brands, their pros and cons, and whether or not you should invest in them, I have already covered whether OGX is good … Read more

Elon Musk Hair Transformation: How He Got His Hair Back?

Have you ever wondered about Elon Musk’s hair transformation and how exactly did he get his hair back? Elon Musk is a man who has some extraordinary achievements under his belt. He is one of the most popular name for over two decades. Whatever he does, becomes the talk of the town. Even Elon Musk’s … Read more

9 Best Sulfate Free Dandruff Shampoos To Soothe Your Scalp

best sulfate free dandruff shampoo

Using sulfate free shampoo for dandruff is a good way to go. As your scalp is already suffering from dryness, irritation, flakes, and itchiness. If you use regular shampoo with SLS, it will not only strip off the natural oils from your scalp(which actually is necessary for your scalp and hair’s health) but also irritates … Read more

6 Best Volumizing Mousses For Thicker Picture Perfect Hair

6 Best Volumizing Mousses

If thick hair that screams volume is your desire, you need to invest in a good volumizing mousse for that. I know you might feel that the foamy texture would leave your hair crunchy with a thick residue coating to deal with but you are mistaken. We have compiled a list of the best volumizing … Read more

How To Get Jet Black Hair At Home Easily?

jet black hair

Growing up in India, I have always had a soft spot for jet black hair. It’s one such hair color that suits everyone, no matter your skin tone. Plus, the shine that jet black hair has is incomparable to any other. I have been blessed with long Indian hair that is jet black since childhood. … Read more

What Is A Karen Haircut? Why Should You Avoid It All Costs?

karen haircut

‘Karen’ is a viral term coined on the internet that refers to a privileged white woman with her signature ‘Karen haircut’ who often wants to ‘speak to the manager’ ‘make a 911 call’ and bother others with her outrageous demands. If you have never come across a Karen hairstyle meme then you probably are living under … Read more

How To Bleach Bath Hair To Remove Color? Guide For Beginners

how to bleach bath hair

When you choose to lighten your hair color by a shade or two using a combination of shampoo, developer, and bleaching powder it is called bleach bath hair. It lightens your hair gradually over time without your hair going through the full-blown damage of regular bleaching. A bleach bath is less harsh on your hair as … Read more

5 Best Non Binary Haircuts For A More Androgynous Look

best non binary haircuts

Looking for non binary haircuts inspiration? Well, we have compiled a list of the best of them. After all your hair should truly represent how you are? When your hair aligns with you, it gives an instant boost of confidence and self-love, doesn’t it? And with these non binary haircuts, the androgynous look that you … Read more

Aquaphor Vs Eucerin: Which One Should You Pick?

aquaphor vs eucerin

Aquaphor vs Eucerin, which one should you pick for your dry, irritated skin? This is a fair query to cross your mind. After all, both brands are well renowned for treating your skin’s extra TLC needs. So which one is better than the other and why? If you have been wondering who wins the Aquaphor vs … Read more

Is Biolage Good For Your Hair? Or Is It Bad? Let’s Discuss

is biolage good for your hair

Is Biolage good for your hair? Does Biolage cause hair loss? After starting this series, and covering whether Garnier Fructis is good for your hair, does Head and Shoulders cause hair loss, is Cantu bad for your hair, and whether OGX or Aussie is a good brand. I received a lot of requests to share … Read more

Is Bare Minerals Cruelty-free and Vegan? A Good Brand or Bad?

is bare minerals cruelty-free and vegan

Is Bare Minerals cruelty-free and vegan? Does it test on animals? Is Bare Minerals a good brand? Since starting this series, I received a lot of requests to write about Bare Minerals. A lot of you wanted answers whether Bare Minerals is cruelty-free? Or do they claim to be and continue selling their products in … Read more

Is Alberto Balsam Cruelty-Free And Vegan? Let’s Discuss

is alberto balsam cruelty-free

Is Alberto Balsam cruelty-free? Does Alberto Balsam still test its products on animals? If you are wondering about Alberto Balsam’s cruelty-free status, then you are at the right place. Last week we discussed whether AmLactin is cruelty-free and today we will be discussing the animal testing policies of Alberto Balsam. To answer your question directly, … Read more

Is AmLactin Cruelty-Free & Vegan? Let’s Discuss

Is AmLactin Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Is AmLactin cruelty-free? Is it vegan? Does AmLactin test its products on animals? I have been getting a lot of requests to know is AmLactin cruelty-free? After long research on our good friend Google and visiting their official website, I didn’t receive any clear answer. So I thought of reaching out to the brand directly … Read more