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An Artist who Hand Painted Hair Brush with all the Beauty in the World

An Artist who Hand Painted Hair Brush with all the Beauty in the World

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Hey Sweethearts,

You know how we girls are absolute art lovers. We see an empty bottle and immediately visit Pinterest for Diy Bottle Recycling Ideas. We love anything that has an artistic touch to it. And if it is hand painted then its like the heaven on earth for us. Isn’t it?

That’s why today I am sharing with you such an amazing artist, who is blessed with the most awesome talents in the world. She actually runs a shop where she sells customized hand painted products. And by products I mean everything from Key chains to handbags, from hair brushes to compact brushes. Just think of a product and she can paint it and make it absolutely divine.

About the Artist and Etsy Seller

“Daria runs a shop of Russian national dolls and gifts where she sells 100% handmande items. She uses eco-friendly paints and quality dried woods which stays as new for years to come.”

About the Hand Painted Hair Brush

I actually have a hand painted hair brush by her on which she painted such a beautiful girl who has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Check it out.

Hand Painted Hair Brush Etsy

She actually shared some pictures and video in progress on her Instagram



Let me write in brief about this hand painted hair brush

First of all, just have a look at this beautiful hair brush.

hand painted hair brush etsy artist

Her eyes.

hand painted hair brush etsy artist

The Brush has really soft and wide bristles for minimum hair breakage. I love it. They are extremely soft.

hand painted hair brush etsy artist

hand painted hair brush etsy artist


The handle is easy to hold and the design on the brush is so delicate.


My shopping experience

The brush was custom made for me and was delivered to me within a week. I loved the fast shipping. The brush was well packed and reached me absolutely safely.


  • Hand painted
  • Custom Made
  • Made of quality wood
  • Really soft and wide bristles
  • Ohh the eyes that are painted are mesmerizing
  • Fast delivery


  • Not available in local stores.

Price and Availability

The Hair brush is available for $28 on her Etsy Store. Plus she has really unique hand painted things.

Overall HCS Rating

HCS Rating – 5/5

Yay Or Nay??? Will I Re-purchase or recommend to a friend?

Absolutely. If you are looking to guy something unique and special for someone, then definitely visit her shop.

What do you think of this beautiful hand painted hair brush? Yay Or Nay? Do share your views.

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Have a lovely day!


Monday 21st of January 2019

This is so beautiful. She is amazingly talented

Nimisha Popat

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

I couldn't agree more