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Arigato Skin Care Haul: Body Scrub, Dry Skin Balm & Astrigent Reviews

Arigato Skin Care Haul: Body Scrub, Dry Skin Balm & Astrigent Reviews

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I found a new organic skin care brand: Arigato skin care. They make completely natural and very different and unique set of products and their packaging is really cute and looks wonderful.

About the Brand

Arigato was developed and founded by Angela Schlaeger. She suffered extreme eczema and contact dermatitis her whole life.

Realizing that skin care needed to change, she spent 3 years focusing on the development of Arigato. She created the Arigato formulations knowing that these types of ingredients would encourage natural skin health. You can read more about Arigato here.

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My Shopping Experience with Arigato Skin Care

The beauties I tried from them reached me packed in white boxes that were beautifully packed. They reached me safely and completely intact within 15 days and I didn’t have to pay any customs.***yay for me***

 What I Tried

  • Arigato Surf Skin Body Scrub
  • Arigato Pumped Organic Dry Skin Balm
  • Arigato Hella Water Soothing Astringent

How Did These Products Turn Out? Mini Reviews


Arigato Surf Skin Body Scrub Review

arigato skin care review

This body scrub is the highlight of my Arigato haul.

This scrub really beautifully exfoliates and gently removes the dead skin cells and the combination of coconut oil and natural oils soothes your skin and makes sure that it is not that harsh on your skin.

The essential oils actually make this scrub smells absolutely divine. I use it two times a week and my skin has shown quite an improvement. My skin tone is getting even, it removes in grown hair very effectively and leaves a beautiful healthy glowing skin behind.

Arigato Pumped Organic Dry Skin Balm Review

arigato review

As you know, I am really tired of my dry skin. So I am always looking for a good product to get my skin healed naturally. This balm is actually quite different than the ones you get in the market.

This balm is actually in the form of oil and comes in a bottle with spray nozzle. You just need to spray on the desired areas and let it stay for couple hours or preferably overnight.

Since it’s oil, it leaves little greasiness behind for a couple of minutes but does a fabulous job treating your dry skin. Just one thing that I disliked about this one is its smell.

It smells like some oil. It has very raw roasted kind of smell. I just didn’t like the smell at all. But other than the smell I have no complaints about it.

Arigato Hella Water Soothing Astringent Review

arigato review

The Soothing Astringent comes in a cute travel-friendly bottle with spray nozzle. This astringent actually helps to treat damaged skin or the redness and irritation and soothes it down. It works best for eczema, psoriasis or even skin that is sun burned.

No matter which sun screen I use, I get sun burned really quickly. This is why I keep this baby always with me in my purse. My skin starts getting irritated and I get red burns all over. But as soon as I spray little astringent, my skin started to calm down.

If you are like me who gets sun burn easily or has irritated skin then this is quite a good product to get your hands on. Since it’s completely natural, it won’t hurt your skin more.


  • Organic skin care products
  • Free of harsh chemicals like SLS, parabens, silicones, and others
  • All of these beauties smell divine
  • Products last longer
  • Travel friendly


  • Products aren’t available in local stores
  • The dry skin balm has a very strong smell which might be little off putting for some

Where To Buy Arigato Skin Care Products?

You can buy them from their official website

Yay or Nay?

Honestly, the quality of products is great. I loved them especially the body scrub. Other than the smell of dry skin balm, I don’t have any complaints about anything. Before you leave don’t forget to check out:

Have a lovely day 🙂

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Niyati Chopda

Sunday 12th of May 2019

Wow thanks for sharing different brands with us

Nimisha Popat

Sunday 12th of May 2019